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26.01.2005 - TOKYO ROCKS!!!
I want thank everybody who were in the NRGetic Romancer party in Tokyo Japan 15th January!! Special thanks to Dj Guld and his wife Yumi for their great hospitality and for the amazing party and time we had together in Tokyo! I love you guys! Also I want to thank all the other artist and people who were working for the party: Hase, Betwixt&Between, Mana, Dj Yousuke, Dj Zio, Vj Maus, Touya, Toyo, Yasu and little dogs RAM&TEN!!!:)

12.01.2005 - TOKYO CALLING!!!
Proteus will have his first gig in Tokyo Japan on 15th January 2005! The party is called NRGetic Romancer and it's organized by dj/promoter Dj Guld from Tokyo. Check more info from

Proteus hits the Switzerland first time on NYE 2004!! The party is called RELOADED - Biggest Sylvester Rave and is located in Scania areal Zurich - Kloten. Check more details from

08.11.2004 - !!!PROTEUS AS NUMBER 90 IN DJ MAG'S TOP 100!!!
INCREDIBLE!!!! Proteus has been voted as number 90 in the world's most influental and respected DJ poll; DJ MAG's TOP 100!! Proteus is first Finnish dj/ artist who has been placed as high as number 90 in the Top 100! Finnish dj/artist Darude was voted as number 97. Proteus and Darude are the first Finnish djs/artists to be in the DJ MAG's TOP 100!!! "I'm very surprised and happy about it and I think that I can't understand it yet! I just want to thank DJMAG and everybody who have been supporting me all these years! Super special thanks to Venla my dear, Kym my manager to UK and Australia, Adam and Les from LAB-4, Claudia my manager to Benelux Countries and Danny D and all at UDC and Dance Valley, Nadya and Rubec and David from Logic UK, my brother Henri from Relic, Maikku, Mama and Papa:), Neon and Friik and Triton and Ioni from our SADE, Jone from, Sebastian from Rush and Nousu, Carbon Based and all at FINRG, Alek Szahala, Pain On Creation, Nomic, Reform, Kevin Energy and all at Nu Energy, Dj Mexican from Electronica Exposed, Allen TG from Torture Garden, all the promoters and artists I have been working with, all you great people who have come to my gigs and voted me!!!:) ...and EPILIM for making those awesome and immortal tunes... Lasse I hope you would be here with me and I think you are. I love you all!!!!:)

10.10.2004 - Mixmag September 2004 Top 5 hardest djs!
Proteus is placed as number 3 in Top 5 Hardest djs in Mixmag's article about "40 hardest records ever" in September 2004!!! I'm more than honored and happy to hear this and thank you for everybody who have been supporting and helping me in the work for harder music! They never lost their hardcore!!:)

10.10.2004 - Hellfire Club
Proteus and his friends Dj Friik and Dj Octan have just opened a new monthly club in centrum of Helsinki. The club is called Hellfire Club and it's only open for members and people who really loves dark and hard music.

10.10.2004 - Australian Tour
I just want to say thanks and lot of love to everyone in Australia who were working with my little tour there with Lab-4! Special thanks to Scot Alert and Kelsta from Hard Kandy, Sam from Utopia/Godspeed, John from Adelade Viva and of course Kym my dear manager and the crowds in Melbourne, Adelade and Sydney!! I love you!:)

23.08.2004 - DANCE VALLEY
I just want to say thanks to everybody who were at Dance Valley!! It was definitely my biggest and the most important gig so far! I had the best time of my life and I will never forget it. Lots of love to all at UDC, Concept Bookings and everybody who were working or partying there!!!! Special thanks to Danny D, Robert, Ricardo, Rosita, Claudia, Darrien, Serjo, Adel, JP, Rossi, Fausto, Andrea, Da Silva, Sander! I love you!!:)

19.08.2004 - 17.09.2004 LAB-4 HITS FINLAND!!!!!!!!
The legends of Hard Dance are back!!! We are more than honored to bring world's greatest Hard Nrg/Hardtrance band LAB-4 to Finland to our SÄDE club on 17th September! The party is going to be the opening party for autumn and winter seasons for SÄDE club. Storm is coming, it's our storm, when it arrives it will change the universe!!: )

23.07.2004 - Hard NRG 4-6 are available for listening
Hard NRG 3-6 are now available for listening in mixes-section. Hard NRG 1-3 will become available shortly. The streams require Macromedia Flash 7. Also, you may now write comments to Proteus below his biography.