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03.01.2007 - DARK SIDE 3.01.2007 + NEW FREQUENCY 102.8hz!!!!
From start of year 2007 Dark Side radio show has a new frequency 102.8hz and new show time at 22-24.00(Finnish time)!!!! Tonights special guest is Dj Eewol from ultra hard FEN-Project!!!! Bassoradio pääkaupunkiseudulla taajuudella 102.8 mhz. Vuoden 2007 alusta lähtien Bassoradiota voi taas kuunnella pääkaupunkiseudulla FM-taajuudella 102.8mhz. Lähetys jatkuu myös normaalisti netissä. Jeesbox eli tänään vuoden ensimmäinen Dark Side lähetys HUOM uuteen lähetysaikaan klo 22-24.00!!! Erikoisvieraanaa FEN-Projectin Dj Eewol! Hauskaa vuotta 2007 kaikille!!!!!!!! Check more info Love Harri XXX

The mighty legendary Finnish Freeform and NRG live band CARBON BASED, who are also the founders of the first and leading Finnish NRG record label FINRG, will be special guests for Proteus' Dark Side radio show on Wednesday 13th December!!!! Don't miss this!! Check more info

Keyboard player Henri "Sickboy" Andersson and lead vocalist Toni Haaksiluoto from cult underground band RELIC are special guests at Proteus' Dark Side Radio on Wednesday 29th November!! Special sets and suprises to be expected!!! Check

Proteus will be touring Australia from 15th - 22nd November and will rock the dance floors in Melbourne and Brisbane!! Check more info gig page!

06.11.2006 - Proteus plays @ Goodgreef (Academy 1, UK)

06.11.2006 - Voting for the Hard Dance Awards '06 has started

In 2004 the Hard Dance community was taken by surprise as the finnish DJ Proteus won the title of "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the World." It's rather fair to say most didn't expect this to happen and it was quite an achievement. Last year the people were already aware of the Proteus phenomenon but only a few were bold enough to predict that he would take the title again. As a man with a bag full of surprises he did just that and nothing less! With gigs all around the world in 2005 Proteus had clearly charmed the audience where ever he went and gathered an active fanbase. Yet one more time massive thanks to everyone who helped the cause by voting in 2004 and 2005 - your support is much appreciated.

The Hard Dance Awards are here again and the voting has already started. Proteus has kept himself busy this year producing new tracks, hosting a show on the radio and of course touring the world and lighting the crowds on fire. It would be amazing if Proteus won the title of "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the world" for the third year in a row! To make this "hat trick" possible your support possible your support is needed - please also tell your friends to vote here.

Tonights Dark Side Radio Show with DJ's Cill & Co-ak and DJ RX will be moved to 15th November because Proteus is sick in bed with lot of fever!!! The show today 1st Nov will be rerun of the show with Alek Szahala. Check more info

Proteus has been really busy in the studio during this year and there will be several new releases coming still before end of this year 2006 - start of 2007!!!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------FORTHCOMING RELEASES----------------------------------------------------------------------- Carbon Based VS Proteus: Heavy Fusion, FINRG Records Finland--------------------------------------------------------- DJ RX: Hellfire - Proteus Remix, FINRG Records Finland------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proteus: I See Things That You Dont See, NRGetic Romancer Records NR002 Japan--------------------------------- Banga Matt VS Proteus: Systematic Parade, Arktik Records Australia------------------------------------------------- Kuroshio Current: Hollowman - Proteus Remix, UHO Trax Finland-------------------------------------------------------------

24.10.2006 - DJ's Cill & Co-ak and DJ RX at Dark Side Radio!!!!
DJ's Cill & Co-ak and DJ RX at Dark Side Radio!!!! C & C , aka DJ Co-ak and DJ Cill - The new dynamic hardhouse/nrg duo from Holland and freeform/nrg master DJ RX from FINRG will be as Proteus' special guests at Dark Side Radio Show on Wednesday 1st November at 20-22.00 Finnish time!! Show will include deep and intimate interviews and full on nrg madness!!! Check more info

09.10.2006 - DJ PROTEUS - Private Performance up for an auction

As far as we are aware, this may be an ebay world first if not, certainly in the UK's Hard Dance Scene, which is the world's hub of underground hard dance music.

Many live set recordings of hundreds of DJs are available on ebay. But this week, we are auctioning the opportunity to have the WORLD'S VOTED No1. HARD DANCE DJ for the past two years running ('04,'05) from Helsinki, Finland - DJ PROTEUS - play a live DJ set for the winning bidder at the venue and for the audience of their choice on Friday night 20th October. DJ PROTEUS is also bringing along two quality support DJs (GRADY G from Australia and STEVE MILTON aka. NOMI SUNRIDER from the UK) to add vibe to your private party.

This auction is open to any private booking - house party, birthday, lock in at your local pub, boat show, village hall, or outdoor gathering that may like to spend a party night up close and personal with this charming Prince of Fetish.

We sincerely hope you find this quirky idea of ours appealing enough to want to bid, a guaranteed good night out shall be had by all.

More information and the actual auction @ eBay.

Serial Murderers need not apply.