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23.01.2006 - PROTEUS Live PA @ Laserpoint


Laserpoint 04.02.2006 Cable Factory Helsinki Finland

Laserpoint is proud to present world exclusively the first real live gig by Proteus. The live act is based on Proteus' own music and hugely respected guest act members and artist family, which includes for example Adam from the legendary Lab-4 at drums, guitarist and keyboard players from Relic (Proteus' brother's band) and special guest stars from Carbon Based.

According to masterchief himself, the whole idea of the gig is very carefully selected songs, hugely respected guest act members, the "real band feeling", and it's uniqueness. It will probably be a once in a lifetime experience. Laserpoint 2006 will provide the right atmosphere for the spectacle.

11.01.2006 - New timetable for Teflon Bullet Radio Show !!!!!!!
The timetable for Teflon Bullet radio show has changed for 2006!!!!! The new day is Wednesday and at 20.00-22.00 Finnish time. The show will be out every week and Proteus and DJ Sebastian will be hosting it as before. Depending on Proteus' schedule it can happen that he can only be there every second Wednesday. If you are in Finland you can here the show from radio at 102.4 mhz and also of course worldwide from internet at!!!!!!!!!!!

03.01.2006 - Proteus on holiday in January!!!
After the very successful and hard working year Proteus will have his first ever one month holiday in January 2006. It's the first holiday in his 10 years dj career. Proteus will celebrate this holiday on 5th January (bank holiday on Friday in Finland) with special 6 hours dj set (check the gig page)!!!!!!! Proteus' 2006 will start with really big bang on 4th February with really special and exclusive gig!!! More information coming soon!!!:)

22.11.2005 - Hard Dance Awards are here again!

As most of you propably remember, last year Proteus was voted as "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the World" in the Hard Dance Awards. The votes that made this possible were casted by Proteus-fans all over the world - in other words the very same people that visit this website. Proteus would like to thank you once more for last years effort and hopes that you are just as active (if not more) this year. In his own words "it'd be the greatest thing ever to get the title two years in a row!"

You may cast your vote @

15.11.2005 - New now online!

Upfront magazine's website has been completely redesigned and the new site is now online. Upfront magazine is a 40 to 50 paged UK-based publication that mostly concentrates on the harder end of electronic music. They've been around for about 5 years now and their website is full of cutting edge newsflashes and features.

Check it out!

15.11.2005 - Proteus makes to DJMAG's TOP 100 for second year!

Proteus was thrilled to find out that he had managed to maintain a stable position at No.93 in the DJ Mag's Top 100 Poll, as one of only six Hard Dance DJs remaining in the poll since last year. Other Hard Dance DJs to remain in the Top 100 were Yoji Biomehanika, Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Lady Dana and DJ Luna.

This year DJ Mag took over 130,000 votes for more than 36,000 individual DJs worldwide - and to be part of the ranking a second year in a row has been a great honour for Proteus. Thanks go out to all of Proteus's fans world wide who voted, and who have supported him at his gigs not only in his homeland Finland, but also in the UK, Holland, Japan, Australia, Germany and Switzerland in this hectic past year.

Big love to everybody!!!!!!!

31.10.2005 - Fault with the track places in Proteus EP!!!!!!
There is a fault with the track places in just released "Proteus The EP" vinyl single from Teflon Bullet!! The tracks are Venla and Metal but the sides are opposite, so "Proteus-logo" side is Venla and info side is Metal!!!

25.10.2005 - Säde Halloween this saturday with DJ Hellraiser

Club Säde is organizing a Halloween event on saturday 29.10.05 @ Gloria. We're bringing over DJ Hellraiser from Australia. Säde Halloween is his first gig in Finland ever and we're quite excited about it. Also Alek Szahala, Proteus, Neon, Friik and Triton will be playing.

Some of you might have been wondering why Proteus wasn't playing at Hard House Academy/Laboratory in London last Saturday 22nd October. After succesful support gig for The Prodigy in Finland Proteus' flight to UK was cancelled because the airline problems and the bad weather! The flight was the last flight from Finland to UK so there was nothing to do. One of the best parties and gigs for Proteus' career was then missed thanks to unbeliavable bad luck!!!

17.10.2005 - Proteus support DJ for the Prodigy

One of the most legendary groups ever, The Prodigy, is on a world tour and arrives to Helsinki on 22.10.2005. This is something the Finnish crowd has certainly been waiting for and the tickets have been selling fast. The event will be held at massive Jäähalli Helsinki and is organized by Eastway.

We here at are thrilled to announce that Proteus has been booked to spin as the support DJ of the night. He considers this to be one the highlights of his career so far and to make the event an experience to remember he will appear on stage with a case full of specially selected tunes.

Don't miss this one! For more information on the Prodigy, check out their website.