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Queen Of Clubs is an international touring management for Lab-4, Proteus, Sterling Moss, Dj Hellraiser and Avaline. Management is run by Proteus' own manager Kym Newman. Queen Of Clubs handles all the Proteus' bookings for UK, Australia and New Zealand. Check more details and recent news from

The Hellfire Club mix cd can now be also ordered from Fragile Online Store! Check and

21.04.2005 - Hard NRG I-III streams now available
To celebrate Proteus' newest mix's release HardNRG I, II and III are now available as audio streams through "mixes"-page. Over three hours of pure NRG - enjoy.

18.04.2005 - AUSTRALIAN TOUR 19TH - 26TH APRIL
Proteus is having a second little tour in Australia on 19th - 26th April and will play in Adelaide and Melbourne. He will answer to emails when he returns on end of next week.

After being delayed since the original releasing date 7th March the Hellfire Club cd will be released finally on 19th April!!! We are sorry about the delay. Cd can be ordered soon from

18.02.2005 - Proteus interviewed by SESSIONS2
The first interview of Proteus after the results of Hard Dance Awards 2004 were published is now available through a finnish website. The original interview was done in finnish, but is now also available in english. SESSIONS2 is at

15.02.2005 - METAL out soon!!!!
Proteus' newest vinyl release METAL is out really soon from Holland based record label HQ/UDC International! The track is pure hard nrg with dark rolling raw sounds and it was a theme track for last November's huge HQXL party in Holland!!! Check more info from

15.02.2005 - Proteus "Best DJ" in the Hard Dance Awards 2004

This is the moment of my life! I'm very surprised and excited about the first prize of the Hard Dance Awards! I have always trusted that if you work hard for that you believe and being yourself will your dreams come true!

I want to thank every person who voted me and loves the music that I represent as a DJ! Super special thanks to Venla my love, Kym/Queen Of Clubs the greatest boss in the world and my manager for UK and Australia and New Zealand, Adam and Les from the greatest band in the world LAB-4, Claudia/CB Bookings my manager for the Benelux Countries and Danny D and Ricardo and everybody from UDC/Dance Valley, my brother Henri the Relic, Mum and Dad, Neon and Friik and Triton and Ioni from our SÄDE, Nadya and Bruce and David from Logic, Sebastian and Marko from Nousu and Rush,Ed Real and all at Hard Dance Awards, Will from HHA, Kevin Energy and all at NU Energy Collective, Dj Mexican from Electronic/Electrolysis, Barry and Alex Kidd and Ben from Goodgreef, Haba and Francis, Lauri the Devotion, Jone from, Maikku and Heidi and all my old friends, Allen TG and Ting from Torture Garden, Noel and Viv and all at Yin Yang, Chris form Tranzaction, DJ Guld and Yumi and all at NRGetic Romancer Japan, Scot Alert andKelsta and Mr S and everybody in Australia, Carbon Based and RX, Alek Szahala, Pain On Creation, Nomic, Reform, Bobby from the Bridge German, Hannibal Events Switzerland, every promoter and DJ that I have been working with and all you great people in the dancefloors everywhere in the world!!

I love You!!!!!

08.02.2005 - Proteus' new mix out soon!

"The Hellfire Club" will be published 07.03.2005 by Teflon Bullet

Artists featured: Lab4, Proteus, Carbon Based, Pain on Creation, Alek Száhala, Kevin Energy, Ethos and Dan...

Also merchandise including hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts will soon be available. Stay tuned for more information.

27.01.2005 - PROTEUS VS MARK EG at TRANZACTION 28th January
Hard Nrg & Hardstyle mayhem!!! Sorry about the wrong information that I wrote to my website!:) Proteus and legendary hardsound dj Mark Eg are playing their sets separately on 28th January at Tranzaction Truro United Kingdom! It will be total"carnage"!!:) Tranzaction also just released their first release from Tranzaction Recordings made by Dj Miss Chif and Dark By Design. The release is recommended for every hardsound lover!! Check more info from