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16.06.2006 - FINRG midsummer Marathon @ Sonic Radio

Initiater John Nelissen (aka Sonic-XL) gave birth to a 24/7 HardDance Internet Radio Station in November 2005. Because he is very affected by the HardDance, but does not know how to spin records, the idea of starting a radio station for helping the scene in a personal way was relatively fast devised. By providing a varied presentation of weekly live shows, the goal is to let the listener experience the various branches of HardDance, and get infected by this choice of music.

The first major project is a long cherished dream to pay respect to the Finnish HardDance community by letting the world get aquainted by this Hard, Energetic form of HardDance. At last it came true in the form of a 38 hour marathon broadcast, which will be aired starting 23.6.2006 on Midsummer Eve at 18:00h (UTC/GMT+03:00) (Internet Beat time @709.) and offering the best of 'Finnish Hardest' arround!

31 Finnish artists (among them is offcource our World's Best Harddance DJ - Proteus!) & 4 Foreign DJ's will get Your party started by offering a wide range of Hard Sounds.

01.06.2006 - Proteus plays @ Dance Valley 2006

01.06.2006 - Proteus plays @ Ground Zero

15.05.2006 - AUSTRALIAN TOUR 17TH - 31ST MAY
Proteus will be touring in Australia during 17th-31st May. The tour includes great gigs in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. More info at gig page. Proteus will try to check his emails as often as possible.

30.04.2006 - May day's Säde info

Date: 30.04.2006
Time: 21.00 - 04.00
Venue: Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki, Finland
Agelimit: 18
Tickets from door: 10 €
Advance: 8 € + bf. Street Beat, Tiketti

29.04.2006 - VENUE CHANGE AT LOGIC & ANTIWORLD 29.04.2006
Many of you will already be aware of the 'goings on' at The Fridge in London recently, and how it has affected a number of events booked to play there - in particular, our main event of interest Antiworld and Logic present 'Break the System Down'. Never the man to give up despite the odds, and having a clean track record of having never cancelled a party that he has advertised, Enrico Sorbello of Antiworld has pulled it together yet again - and against the odds of a busy Bank Holiday Weekend has managed to find a venue very close to The Fridge. The Dog Star @ 389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton (SW9 8LQ) is going to be where Break the System Down - the Emergency! will take place. Please note that unfortunately Proteus is NOT able to make this event - this gig for him was originally taken on the condition that Proteus could do the last set of the night (05-06.00am) as he was already booked to play in Swansea at Klub Kaos on the same date. Due to the change of venue and also the change of finish time at the Dog Star, this has meant that very unfortunately there is no possible way to get him back to London in time. This situation has not been the promoter's fault and we take our hats off to Enrico Sorbello who has been working tirelessly this week to make this happen, just so that he does not let down his very loyal fanbase or the artists he supports.

Teflon Bullet radio show has now changed back to every second week timetable!!! Show time is same on every second Wednesdays at 8.00-10.00pm Finnish time. Last show was yesterday Wednesday 19th and next show will be Wed 3rd May. You can also hear the radioshow through internet at

22.03.2006 - Proteus plays @ Sonic, Switzerland on saturday

Proteus will be touring Australia and New Zealand during 7th - 16th March! The tour is Proteus' third tour in Australia and this time he will be banging in New Zealand too for first time! Pharmacy cd 3 - Down With The Sickness - has just been released and the tour will celebrate this hard as nail cd compilation!!! More details at GIG page and check more info:


"This is the biggest moment in my life!" – Proteus

We are more than honoured and fortunate to announce that Proteus has been voted the best Hard Dance DJ for 2005 at Hard Dance Awards 2005! This is something unbelievable and totally amazing; Proteus has now been voted #1 twice in a row!

Lots of love and big thank you to each and every one of you who voted for Proteus, and to all the amazing people who supported and worked with Proteus during the last year! This is the biggest moment for Proteus in his career!

Also, this is a great moment for Queen of Clubs Artist and DJ Management, having the best DJ and the best live act, Lab-4, second year in a row! More information at and

A big shout goes out to the organizers of the Hard Dance Awards, who work very hard for months leading up to the awards event at Fridge, London on February 11th - and who also ensure that the voting system is as fair as possible. Three years ago these organisers took it upon themselves to introduce this new poll, and have worked hard to have our scene's artists, promoters, events and other supporting companies recognised for their achievements in what is often an 'undercredited' part of the dance scene as whole. In three short years, the poll has grown to such extent that it is now regarded seriously, not just in the UK, but also in other parts of the world where many of the artists tour every year.

Thank you so much!